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Pleasantville, NJ

Cali found this oldie packed away somewhere. It's from around 1970. From the left, the fifth Beatle, my oldest brother, Brian. Next in line is my older brother Haskell, the junior executive. And the cute one on the right is none other than a 3-4 year old Me. We are each holding our own Matchbox car collection case. For some reason, as children, I always stood out. My brothers were pasty and monotone. I had color and an artistic glow. It's always hard to describe, so I'm glad we discovered this photograph.


from the prisoner within

Miscommunication. I am having a hard time answering questions correctly lately. Let me explain. When asked "Do you want to listen to that cd?", my mind figures the options: Either agree -"Yes, I do want to listen to that cd" and blink my eyes, or disagree - "No, I do not want to listen to that cd" and shake my head back and forth. Simple enough. But here's the tricky part: the negative question. Example: "Do you not want the fan on?" By blinking to agree with the question, I end up with "Yes, I do not want the fan on?" or condensed, "Yes, fan off." If I shake my head back and forth to disagree, I end up with "No, I do not not want the fan on?", cancel out the double negative leaves "No, I do want the fan on?" or shortened, "No, fan on."I think this is grammatically correct thinking. (Yes, I know I have a lot of spare time!) So, if I am hot and want the fan turned on, I should answer "No", "No, fan on", to the question "Do you not want the fan on?" Unfortunately, my "No" is received as "No, fan off" and therefore "Yes" as "Yes, fan on" Basic communication breakdown. I don't like the negative question and cringe whenever I hear one.

Thanks again for listening to my Thoughts.


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I went through a lot of Nicholas Cage, John Travolta, and Johnny Depp movies. Now I'm into Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Charlie Chaplin.

The Doors


Mulholland Falls


City Lights

Dead Man Walking

...And Justice For All

Home Alone

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Winnie the Pooh: And Christmas Too

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