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This is the first official THROUGH MY EYES contest. There's 2 surprise prizes, so there will be 2 winners. Just email your guess to berman@jps.net. There's 2 categories: (1) What exactly is it? (2) Most creative reply (not what it really is). So you can submit a guess for each. In case of a tie in category 1, the person who replies first will win. If nobody guesses correctly, then the THROUGH MY EYES editor will pick the closest reply. Category 2 will be judged by the THROUGH MY EYES editor. Winners will be posted in the August 3rd issue of THROUGH MY EYES. Contest ends July 26, at midnight PST. One set of guesses per email address. Sorry,VIFX employees and ex-employees aren't eligible for category 1. Thanks for playing and good luck. The truth is out there!



from the prisoner within

Welcome to a new column of THROUGH MY EYES. I got the inspiration last week during an episode of ABC's NIGHTLINE. It featured a special two-part replay of Ted Koppel's 1995 interviews with the witty and inspirational sociology teacher Morrie Schwartz, who died from ALS three years ago. Morrie and Ted broke down some walls by discussing openly socially taboo issues like death and dying. Morrie said "Somebody's going to have to wipe my ass. I won't be able to do that for myself." These were just a few topics that illustrate the brutal, harsh realities he and all ALS victims think about. What Morrie showed me was that it's OK to talk about anything. We shouldn't be embaressed, ashamed or afraid to discuss life's problems, no matter what. Unfortunately, I have lost the ability to speak for almost a year. Along with the inability to move my arms or legs, my mind is always on; observing, thinking, praying, contemplating, talking and even screaming to get out. So, I intend to truthfully share my inner thoughts to allow you a peak inside and also give me an outlet. I don't mean to shock, disturb or depress anybody, but this column will be my honest thoughts and feelings on some very real and serious issues that I face today. The title was prompted from part of a question by Ted Koppel, "...when your still active mind is a prisoner of your no longer functioning body." Well, That's where I am. As usual, I welcome your email comments, suggestions and questions. Unfortunately, I can't reply back to everyone, but will try to address all responses here, in this column. The reason why I can't email everyone back is associated with this week's Thoughts.

First I will summarize my story for any new viewers. I was diagnosed with ALS on April 12, 1996, my 30th birthday. Unlike Morrie, I decided to fight and not accept the terminal diagnosis. Progression has been fast. Finally in February of this year I tested positive for lymes disease. Through research, I am convinced that my ALS symptoms are really from untreated, long term lymes. I have been taking a homeopathic medicine for about 4 months. My symptoms have slowed down a lot, even stopped and reversed in certain ares. I feel that after the lymes disease is gone, I need to rjuvinate my damaged motor neurons. So, here I am. Hopeful in my fight. But my neck, the last controlable body part I use to communicate via computer is tightening up. This scares me. Being so close, while making the best in my immobile body. I want to continue communicating, as limiting as it is. I have always loved computers, and creating pictures. I am amazed with the technology I use everyday, and don't want to lose it. I'm done rambling for now. Thanks for listening to my Thoughts.

To learn more about Morrie Schwartz you can read the NIGHTLINE transcripts from Part 1 and Part 2. Or check out "Tuesdays with Morrie" by author Mitch Albom, a former student of Schwartz's, who lost touch and then reconnected with his mentor after seeing Schwartz's Nightline appearance. This book has been on the best seller list now for 39 weeks. "Letting Go: Morrie's Reflections on Living While Dying" by Morrie Schwartz is also available.


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