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Made Ya Look!

These trucks were sent in by my friend, former co-worker and 'wild & crazy guy', Steve Martin. We met at Speedy Sign-A-Rama, USA, a computerized sign shop in 1988. He was hired because of his artistic talent displayed in his portfolio, enthusiasm and outgoing personality. We worked together for about a year until I left. Steve continued on for a while and then moved on to other sign shops in the past 10 years. After working for 'the man' so long, he decided last year to open his own shop. Thus, Made Ya Look, A Professioal Sign Company was started. So, if you're in Central Jersey or anywhere in cyberspace and need signage or lettering, please give Steve a call at (908) 706-5496. And be sure to ask him, "What's your sign?"

Cousin Club

Andie Rose's cousins ended up looking like little cartoon clowns when I finished designing this image. From left to right the cousins are: Andrew, Brandon(Happy Birthday!), Alex, and Devlin.


How would you like to be in THROUGH MY EYES? If so, just email your image of you, your loved one, children, pets, whatever. If you're unable to email, you can send photographs and I will scan them for you. FREE! Or you can send a videotape. Please email for video instructions. If you want photographs or videos returned, please send a SASE. By sending an image you give permission to me to artistically alter, write about the content, and post on the internet.

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