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Sunday, April 12, 1998------http://www.jps.net/berman ---------FREE

Birthday Bash!

We are all celebrating our birthdays, today, April 12. The celebrity guests in order of seniority are: Musician, Herbie Hancock, turns 58, "Late Show" host, David Letterman and New York Times #1 Bestseller novelist, Tom Clancy both turn 51, actor/musician and former Partridge, David Cassidy is 48, film actor Andy Garcia is 42, digital effects artist aka CGI GUY, me,now 32, ex-90210 star Shannen Doherty is 27, teen film actress, Claire Danes turns 18, and upcoming star and birthday buddy Robert Toscano celebrates his 1st birthday. Haning on the wall is a picture of the late entertainer Tiny Tim, born in 1930. The Easter Bunny also showed up, age unknown.

Thanks for celebrating this special day with us. We wish you all a Happy Easter and Happy Passver.

The next web page update will be Wednesday, April 15. See you then.


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