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Headrawn Flowers With Grace

All of my imagery posted up till now have been enhanced with various filters and effects. Even the digital artwork was composed this way. So, this picture is my first attempt at actually drawing something with my headset control.

Friday afternoon, I received a beautiful drawing from my 9 year old friend, Grace. It has many flowers and my name. Besides adding a smile to my day, it totally got me inspired to try drawing. So, to show my appreciation I drew this for her. Thanks Grace.

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I regret to inform you that I need to take a short break from my daily web creation in order to catch up with other priorities and to rest my neck. Unfortunately, I push myself daily on the computer because I don't get to finish all that I want and it results in a sore neck and head and even more to do the next day. I need to slow down a little to assure my condition doesn't progress, that I have an opportunity to rest, finish some letters, maybe help out with the taxes, blah blah blah. Please do not worry. All is ok. Really. I will resume the web page Monday, March 22. Please browse the newly updated Archives till then.

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