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Monday, January 12, 1998------http://www.nccn.net/~berman/---------FREE

Firewood Meets Spin Art :

A Creative Process

Raw video footage Intermediate step

Final - Untitled

This was a lot of fun!

The beginning image was a close up of our firewood pile. I just started to play with my palette of tools and effects to see what happens. I have nothing in mind, but something pleasing to me. The intermediate image really interested me so much that I saved it. I saw a graphic splotch of color that felt right. With a few more touches, I ended up with the final picture. There was no more that I felt could be done. The image showed me a delicate random fluid-like material, with an air of mellow calmness that looked complete Through My Eyes . I was pleased.

Editor / Designer..........Daddy on the Mac

Videography.................Cali Mac

Assistant......................Miss Peepers

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