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Bronze Beauty!

Not really.

Back in late April 1996 I was working at VIFX, a feature film special effects house. I was assigned to the upcoming winter comedy "Jingle All the Way." My job was to supervise the digital scanning of a life size model of Arnold Schwarzenegger. So, I spent a week at Cyber F/X.

While there, I was given a personal demonstration of the scanning process. I sat in a chair. In about 15 seconds a laser circled my head and computed and stored all the data. Amazing! At a later time I asked for a full size replica from the data. So they transfered the data to a styrofaom milling machine. 8 hours later, VouIa!

Finally, the superviser at the VIFX model shop, Patrick Denver, sanded the foam and stained it bronze.

I surprised my wife with it for her birthday.

A special Thank You to DJ for all his help with this project. It couldn't have been done without him.

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